I have ordered several products from Settlement Woodcrafts in the past and I am truly amazed at the craftsmanship and the quality of each item. Working with Paul was easy and was an enjoyable experience each time. I highly recommend Settlement Woodcrafts; you will not be disappointed.

– Mike Adams, Happy Customer

From a lifelong passion of woodworking, our master craftsman, Paul Beckstead brings five decades of experience to the workshop. This Vietnam Veteran was serving in the US Coast Guard when he met his beautiful wife, Joyce, of 51 years. After an honorable discharge, the couple settled in Stockton, Utah where they raised 5 kids.

After a lifetime devoted to the Stockton Volunteer Fire Department and 25 years with the Tooele Army Depot Fire Department, Paul retired. He now spends his time in the wood shop mastering his craft (while Joyce cleans-up after him).

Along with creating beautifully-crafted wood projects, Paul has a knack for hunting down the finest hardwood and exotic materials including Purple Heart, Cherry Tree Gnarls, Maple, Walnut and Cocobolo. His company, Settlement Woodcrafts, was opened to offer his innovative, one-of-a-kind pieces to everyone online.


The real work for every project idea begins with design. Ornamental and decorative items are only limited to the imagination, but functionality must be considered for household items that need to stand up to everyday use. We take great care in the design process to ensure the final product meets the end goal.


From great design comes a clear path for creation. After the conception of each design is laid out, it is time to put the knowledge and skill of the craftsman to the test. Our creation processes include working with the finest materials and using a combination of woodworking hand tools and power tools for the best results.


The final stage of every handcrafted woodworking project is the finish. We choose the finish that will best suit the item’s purpose; for example, decorative or ornamental projects require a finish to protect and amplify the beauty of the wood, while utilitarian items will need a non-toxic finish that is safe for everyday use.