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A finely-crafted personalized gift from Settlement Woodcraft is the ideal choice to celebrate or commemorate a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any occasion. A unique wooden gift will instantly become a family heirloom, treasured today and for generations to come.


Paul Beckstead

What We Do


The real work for every project idea begins with design. Ornamental and decorative items are only limited to the imagination, but functionality must be considered for household items that need to stand up to everyday use. We take great care in the design process to ensure the final product meets the end goal.


From great design comes a clear path for creation. After the conception of each design is laid out, it is time to put the knowledge and skill of the craftsman to the test. Our creation processes include working with the finest materials and using a combination of woodworking hand tools and power tools for the best results.


The final stage of every handcrafted woodworking project is the finish. We choose the finish that will best suit the item's purpose; for example, decorative or ornamental projects require a finish to protect and amplify the beauty of the wood, while utilitarian items will need a non-toxic finish that is safe for everyday use.

Send Us Your Design

If you have an idea for a custom project, be sure to contact us to see how we can turn your idea into the perfect gift.

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